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Posting today at "Romance for the Rest of Us" - On Writing

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August 2nd, 2012

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12:23 pm - Posting today at "Romance for the Rest of Us"
Torquere/Prizm has a couple of blogs where their authors are regularly featured.

Today it was my turn at "Romance for the Rest of Us," over on Blogger. I expanded on the process of finding the conflict within the relationship, instead of making the focus of the book the outside or external conflicts Blake and Alex face.

Hope you enjoy!

Also, I was thrilled to see my first "customer review" on the amazon site. I know that when I'm pondering buying something, I always read those reviews, so it was great to see one for my book.

The reviewer, Elisa Rolle, is a well-known online reviewer in our genre, and her livejournal, elisa_rolle is a great place to find news about GLBT books.

It's supposed to be about 112 F here today! Ugh! Stay cool and think of fall.
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